We provide a wide variety of accounting services, from daily operations to yearly statements. Our skilled staff work together to assure your financial statements are accurate and on time.

Similar to a medical examination we can check the health of your organization. With a complete review of your policies, practices and procedures, and an onsite audit. We can provide you with a comprehensive report outlining areas that need additional attention and recommendations to improve your bottom line.

It seems daily that the OIG is after another healthcare provider. A good number of the OIGs targets are crooks. However, many providers just have poor systems in place, inferior knowledge of Medicare rules or hire someone that puts the organization at risk. An effective compliance program helps the Provider address areas of significant risk, screen employees and implement education training and system to assure proper billing.

Plain and simple, our clients hire us because we collect money quickly and with fewer bad debts and uncollectable amounts.

We prepare Medicare cost reports for skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and hospices. In addition, we provide Medicaid reimbursement expertise and cost report preparation in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Alaska, New Mexico and we are always looking at additional states.

With the advent of bundled payment, payments based on quality and the increased scrutiny from various regulatory authorities, each Provider needs to know how they measure up based on a variety of quality and financial metrics. We have data and we understand how to summarize that data to partner with our clients to gain that competitive edge.

Certificate of Need laws in Washington State require a new provider to apply for and obtain a certificate of need prior to opening. We work with upcoming skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies through the entire application process. We coordinate and write the application. In addition, we guide the provider through the screening process and public comment process.

Your online solution to Medicare Consolidated Billing. Save money by knowing what codes are bundled and the Medicare allowable amount.

CBSI Professionals have extensive experience in training and education. We offer training in a wide variety of formats and on a variety of topics. We offer half or full day seminars, webinars or one on one customized training for your organization.

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Providers that received funds under the CARES Act are required to submit a report if they received one or more payments exceeding $10,000 in the aggregate. 

Let CBSI's experts assist you in understanding and complying with the reporting requirements.