Reimbursement Services

We prepare Medicare cost reports for skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and hospices. In addition, we provide Medicaid reimbursement expertise and cost report preparation in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Arizona, Alaska, New Mexico, Colorado and California.

Contract Reimbursement Department
Enjoy the convenience of an in-house reimbursement department at a significant cost savings. CBSI will function as your reimbursement department, where we operate as a department within your organization. This service will include a transparent approach to reimbursement expertise to help your organization meet the demanding compliance requirements set forth by both the federal and state governments. For a fixed monthly fee we will prepare your Medicare and Medicaid cost report, manage the desk review and audit process, provide detailed rate analysis, provide PPS rates and fee schedules, conduct cost-to-rate analysis and remain available to answer questions all year. This is an all-inclusive product. From statistical analysis thought cost report completion, desk review and audit.

Cost Reporting
CBSI provides reliable and ethical cost reporting services for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Health Agencies and Hospices in an effort to aid in compliance with all applicable federal and state rules and regulations. These services include the preparation of interim rate reviews, annual Medicare and Medicaid cost reports, and review of tentative cost report settlements as well as a continued review of current expenditures for allow ability under both Medicare and Medicaid. We provide enhanced cost reporting for less money than the typical CPA firm allowing our clients to focus their dollars on resident care.

Audits & Appeals
CBSI will manage your annual Medicare and Medicaid audits and desk reviews. We review your Notice of Program Reimbursement (NPR) adjustments and file appeals on your behalf when appropriate. We will review your Medicare and Medicaid rate letters to assure that the federal fiscal intermediaries and state rate-setting agencies are paying you appropriately and timely.

Medicare and Medicaid Bad Debt Tracking
CBSI will work with your accounting and operational staff to implement a system that properly tracks reimbursable Medicare and Medicaid bad debts. We understand both the Federal and State reimbursement regulations and will work with you to assure uncollected co-insurance and patient liability is allowable on your cost report.

Other Services
CBSI professionals have extensive experience in training and education in the reimbursement arena. We offer regional and/or in-house module training programs that are customized specifically for your individual facility needs.

The crux of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement is planning. We work with our client so they fully understand the reimbursement process and how it impacts payment. Whether, enhancing quality rates, working on correctly capturing case mix or pricing out the cost / benefit of bundled payment CBSI is a partner.