Systems Review

Admission Process Effectiveness

An old saying, “every receivable problem starts at admission.” For this reason, we believe the admission process; and pre-admission process is the most critical. We conduct a thorough analysis of both pre-admission review and admission documentation and verification to assist providers to assure they admit residents they can care for in addition to obtaining necessary documents upon admission.

Billing Systems Assessment

The next step after admission, is to assure Billers have all necessary information to accurately and timely bill insurers and intermediaries. One of the most important aspects to assure timely billing and compliance with various rules and regulation is to assure an effective Triple Check process. Our Billing Assessment review works through the billing process from data collection to cash posting, adjustment and aging review in order to assure that each resident pays the appropriate amount in a timely manner.

Compliance Assessments

The affordable care act required that as a condition of Medicare payment each nursing facility maintain a corporate compliance plan. At CBSI we have always taken compliance seriously. Bill Ulrich, President, began work in compliance back in 2000 shortly after the OIG released the first model compliance program for nursing facilities. Mr. Ulrich joined the Health Care Compliance Association in 2002 and became certified in Healthcare compliance in 2011.

We offer our Compliance Assessments to provide an independent external review of a Provider’s functional status of its compliance program. This assessment will provide an overview and tune-up of your compliance program and/or meet the requirement for periodic monitoring.

Cash Flow Tracking

Our accountants understand the constant focus on cash as well as the timing of cash to assure that payroll and accounts payable cash needs are met. To that end, we work with Provider’s in the process to set up and monitor cash inflows and outflows allowing providers to better understand sources and uses of cash as well as predict future cash needs.

Staffing Efficiency Review

Provider margins are tight. Nursing home operators have never enjoyed operating margins found in manufacturing or service industries. For this reason, we must be extremely prudent buyers of goods and services as well as controlling labor. In addition to industry metrics, our staff understand staffing and will work with Providers to review staffing in order to assure each business office has the staffing necessary for the duties assigned to attain good outcomes.

Budget Analysis

Given extremely tight margins, thorough analysis should be given to planning expenditures of labor and supplies as well as monitoring performance to those measures. We provide a multifaceted approach that does more than look at past performance. We integrate key performance metrics to assure each provider develops a budget that is competitive in their market in addition to necessary controls and profitability.

On the back end, we work with Provider’s to design reports that monitor performance to budget and assist in working through budget variances.