Compliance Services

Plan Development & Implementation

Compliance does not have to be costly. We can provide compliance services for a flat monthly fee. Our compliance programs are intended to assist in both the development and implementation of internal controls and systems that promote adherence to applicable statutes and regulations of the federal health care programs as well as private insurance program requirements. Our programs not only meet the requirements set forth by the Office of Inspector General (OIG), but they also enhance overall patient care, survey compliance, financial performance and cash flow.

Compliance Assessment

The first step in implementing a compliance program is to conduct a detailed assessment of which systems are in place and their effectiveness. Our professionals will conduct a onsite investigation. CBSI will work with your corporate and facility professionals to address action items observed and documented as part of our investigation. This process will include recommendation of new policies and procedures as well as additional training and education.

Compliance Officer Services

CBSI will act as your company’s compliance officer. Not only will we assist in putting together your compliance plan, we will conduct your compliance committee meetings, conduct complaint investigations, maintain records of company training, and conduct periodic assessments. We also maintain detailed records regarding traffic through your company hot line and report to the board of directors or executive committee on an annual basis.

Hot Line Monitoring & Investigation

CBSI will receive all complaints made through the compliance hot line or other confidential methods of reporting. CBSI will document and assess the validity of all complaints, and make an initial determination whether they are of a compliance nature or should be investigated through other means. We will perform an investigation to determine the validity of each complaint and make recommendations to management regarding any necessary disciplinary action. We will provide a summary report to the compliance committee that outlines our findings and recommends further action, if necessary.

Program Manuals & Code of Conduct

CBSI will write and edit your company’s compliance program manual. This manual will contain all the necessary policies and procedures necessary to implement a living breathing compliance plan. In addition, we will develop a code of conduct modeled specifically for your organization. The code of conduct is a necessary element in training company employees. The code of conduct should be signed by every employee on an annual basis and maintained in his or her employee file.


CBSI will conduct training for essential staff that outlines the corporate compliance program. All current staff will attend a short compliance meeting or watch a video that outlines the corporation’s commitment to compliance. Compliance orientation will be part of the hiring process for new employees. CBSI has developed a modular training program that is directed at essential staff members to assure they have the most up-to-date knowledge in their profession.

Compliance Videos

CBSI can coordinate the development of your corporate compliance video. For almost any size company a video is an excellent method to assure that each new employee has received a consistent message regarding compliance. CBSI will assist with content, script writing and filming.


CBSI will conduct regular on site evaluations at each facility to assure that policies and procedures have been implemented and are being adhered to as intended in the compliance plan. This evaluation goes beyond basic compliance and includes a complete review of systems to assure proper reimbursement for the care provided to each patient.