Revenue Cycle Management

Plain and simple, our clients hire us because we collect money quickly, and with fewer bad debts and fewer uncollectible accounts.

Patient Billing Services

Is your accounts receivable higher than it should be? Are you writing off accounts for no reason? Short on cash to make payroll? Place CBSI in charge of your resident billing. Many large companies, including Microsoft, have found that it makes more fiscal sense to outsource highly technical functions. Give us a call; we can bill Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicaid, Private, Managed Care and all third party payers.

Accounts Receivable Cleanup

We collect past due accounts.

Tap a New Revenue Stream - Part B Supplies

‚ÄčIf your facility needs more revenue, consider billing for Part B supplies. Skilled Nursing Facilities are reimbursed based on the federal fee schedule for all supplies including; surgical, ostomy, tracheotomy and urological. Our systems assure that these missed charges are captured and correctly billed on the UB-04. Our team will teach you how to track and bill these supplies.

Billing Training and Office Support

Is your business office staff in need of additional training? Or, are you behind in the billing and collection process? Our CBSI professionals will get you caught up. In addition to hands-on billing assistance and temporary business office staffing, we offer either in-house or regional seminars that provide the latest information in the field of Medicare Part A or Part B billing.

Denial Management & Prevention

If your facility is having problems with claim denials, let a CBSI professional help. Not only will we assist with the process of appeals, we will also work to ensure that an adequate tracking system exists to track and prevent future denials.

Billing Compliance Assessment

Is your facility over billing, not billing for all services and supplies it should or are you unsure? At CBSI we believe it is just as wrong to bill a patient privately for something that Medicare covers as it is to bill Medicare for something that should be billed privately. As part of a Billing Compliance Assessment CBSI will review documentation and coverage decisions to assure services and supplies billed are properly documented. In addition, we review and look for supplies and services that were not billed.

Contract Profitability Review

A decade ago, most Providers dealt with Medicare, Medicaid, private and perhaps an HMO or two. Today, most Providers deal with dozens of HMO's, each with very different contract, billing procedures and exclusions. Our contract review looks at two significant issues. First, what is included in the contract per diems and what can be billed as ancillary [in addition to] daily rates. Second, is the contract potentially profitable?