Meet Bill Hartung

Bill Hartung
Director of Reimbursement

Phone: 509.448.2067 X 2100


CBSI is pleased to announce the addition of Bill Hartung to the CBSI team as Director of Reimbursement. Bill has amazing credentials serving in various long term care positions over the past 30 years. Bill excels at working through complex healthcare data and turning that data into actionable information.

The addition of Mr. Hartung allows CBSI to enhance the services we provide to existing clients, expand our services into new markets and to enhance our online data analytics products and services to clients.

Bill has provided consulting services in the role of a subject matter expert on healthcare reimbursement matters and alternative payment systems for over 30 years.

Bill’s focus areas include assisting skilled nursing facilities in the conversion from fee-for-service payment system to payment for value. In addition, Bill has extensive experience in developing cost allocation methodologies to identify opportunities in the managed care / skilled nursing facility market. Bill has spent a good deal of his career assisting clients with identification of post-acute care partners to reduce overall episodic costs and to understand the opportunities and pitfalls in going from fee-for-service payment to payment for value. Bill’s experience includes his own consulting practice, Vice President of Reimbursement for a billion-dollar organization as well as four years as the Vice President, of Research at the American Health Care Association. Bill holds a Bachelor of Science, accounting major with economics minor from the University of Indianapolis and is Certified Public Accountant in Indiana.