CBSI offers seminars in a variety of formats.  We are in the process of converting all out seminar offerings to Webinars.  Webinars are the best in high tech education offering a superior training environment without leaving your office. 
All CBSI seminars are offered in the following formats:   
  ​ * Half or Full day seminar in major US cities
   * ​Webinars - A 90 minute interactive presentation via the internet.​​​  Attend one of our regularly scheduled presenttions  or have one customized for your organization.
Billing for other Ancillary Services [Webinar – 90 minutes]

This seminar will review the basic criteria for billing other ancillary services. This will include Medicare Part A and Part B billing requirements for radiology, vaccines, mammography screens, waived laboratory tests and ambulance services. We will review the basic coverage criteria and documentation requirements. We will provide several examples of a properly completed UB-04 along with tips on how to reduce denials and streamline the billing process. Included in this seminar is a review of recent regulations related to billing for Medicare Part B services. We will also discuss contracting tips and profitability analysis.

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